Toyota 1FZ-FE 1FZ-F engine factory workshop and repair manual

repair manual
Toyota 1FZ-FE and 1FZ-F engine factory workshop and repair manual downloadon PDF can be viewed using PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro File size 15 Mb in 498 pages searchable INTRODUCTION PREPARATION SERVICE SPECIFICATION DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM ENGINE MECHANICAL INTAKE AIR/SHUTTER SYSTEM TURBOCHARGING SYSTEM EMISSION CONTROL ELECTRONIC CONTROL DIESEL FUEL INTAKE TEMPERATURE FUEL SYSTEM INJECTION SYSTEM COOLING SYSTEM LUBRICATION SYSTEM STARTING SYSTEM ALTERNATOR SYSTEM CHARGING SYSTEM TORQUE SPECIFICATIONSST AND SSM SYSTEMThe engine displaced 4477 cc with a bore and stroke measuring 100 millimetres (3.9 in) x 95 millimetres (3.7 in) respectively and a 9.0:1 compression ratio; the head used Toyota s narrow-angle overhead camshafts for better fuel economy. The 1FZ had only two variants available: the 1FZ-F and the 1FZ-FE. The only significant difference between the two was the inclusion of electronic fuel injection on the 1FZ-FE whereas the 1FZ-F used a carburetor.The 1FZ-F produced 190 horsepower (140 kW) at 4400 RPM and 268 pound-feet (363 N m) at 2800 RPM; its fuel injected counterpart produced 212 horsepower (158 kW) at 4600 RPM and 275 pound-feet (373 N m) at 3200 RPM. Starting in 1998 the fuel injected version of the 1FZ-FE was also manufactured with a direct ignition variation available in certain non-US markets (the engine pictured here is that variant discernible by the intake manifold and lack of distributor). This version of the engine received many updates over the previous version such as a redesigned head more compact pistons updated throttle body an improved intake manifold with longer intake runners 4 nozzle fuel injectors to improve fuel atomization and direct ignition. This version of the 1FZ-FE produced 240 horsepower (180 kW) at 4600 RPM and 300 pound-feet (410 N m) at 3600 RPM on 91 Octane Fuel (RON) without a catalytic converter.Toyota 1FZ-FE and 1FZ-F engine factory workshop and repair online download click on

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