Guided Meditiations to improve your Intuition – Paul Fenton-Smith – AudioBook CD

Guided Meditations to improve your Intuition by Paul Penton-Smith Unabridged 1 CD Audio Book Set Get other Meditation CDsclick here Get other Meditation AudioBooks click here Guided Meditations to improve your Intuition – by Paul Fenton-Smith – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD): With regular use of these meditations you can look foward to an improved intuition. About Guided Meditations to improve your Intuition This CD offers three powerful meditations to develop and strengthen your intuition. With regular practice this CD can help you to spiritually cleanse and re-balance yourself as you improve your intuition. Ive used my voice for this CD. It includes three simple yet effective meditations without background music as musicians can find music distracting. The meditations include: A psychic cleansing meditation. A meditation for contacting your higher self to ask specific questions. A mountain top meditation to contact two of your spirit guides. About the Author Paul Fenton-Smith Clairvoyant writer and regular media guest Paul Fenton-Smith is the author of nine books on the psychic sciences. With simple language and entertaining examples Paul takes a practical approach to the esoteric. Whether reading for clients teaching or conveying his broad knowledge through his books Paul aims to bring tangible benefits to peoples everyday lives. His books: The Tarot Revealed (1995) Astrology Revealed (1997) Tarot Masterclass (2007) A Secret Door to the Universe (1999) Mastering the Tarot (2000) Finding Your Soul Mate (2001) and Palmistry Revealed (2003) combine humour with lively storytelling that animates each subject. His engaging anecdotal approach has won him worldwide readership and invitations to share his entertaining insights on television radio and in magazines and newspape more tips

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