Teach Yourself Latvian – AudioBook CD

Teach Yourself Latvian 2CD Audio Book Set plus course book Get other Language AudioBooks click here Teach Yourself Latvian – Learn to Speak – Audio Book CD Brand New (2 CDs – 2.5 hours): About Teach Yourself Latvian Learn Latvian from the comfort of home Whether youre a traveler student or businessperson youll find it easy to pick up Latvian a language spoken by millions of Europeans every day. Teach Yourself Latvian Complete Course Audio Package includes: Extensive exercises so you can review what you have learned An overview of the culture surrounding the language giving you an understanding of how Latvian is used in context In addition the two CDs feature native speakers in conversation as well as interactive exercises for you to use as reinforcement. About the Latvian Language Latvian (latvie scaron;u valoda) is the official state language of Latvia. It is also sometimes referred to as Lettish. There are about 1.4 million native Latvian speakers in Latvia and about 150 000 abroad. The Latvian language has a relatively large number of non-native speakers atypical for a small language. Because of language policy in Latvia approximately 30% of the 924 000 ethnic-minority population of Latvia speak Latvian. The use of the Latvian language in various areas of social life in Latvia is increasing. Latvian is a Baltic language and is most closely related to Lithuanian although the two are not mutually intelligible. Latvian first appeared in Western print in the mid-16th century with the reproduction of the Lords Prayer in Latvian in Sebastian Munsters Cosmographia Universalis in Roman script. Latvian belongs to the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family. It is one of two living Baltic languages with an official status (the other being Lithuanian). The Latvian a click to go

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