Massey Ferguson MF20 baler factory workshop and repair manual download

owners manual
Massey Ferguson MF20 baler PTO Tractor attachment factory workshop and repair manual on PDF can be viewed using free PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro .File size 6 Mb PDF document searchable with bookmarks. The PDF manual covers SummarySafety precautionsSpecificationsattachment to the tractorOperationAdjustmentTwine knotter adjustment Safety Devices Maintenance Accessories Operator part list About the Massey Ferguson MF20 Baler P.T.O. driven model l5 and 20 balers may be attached to all types of tractor the horse-power of which is 30 or above. However in very hilly or soft ground conditions or where heavy sledges or wagons are used a 35 – SO horsepower tractor is to be preferred. The model l5 and 20 balers are available with a suitable drawbar and suitable P.T.O. drive shaft arrangements to enable them to be ?tted to practically all models of tractor on the market. Whilst these balers can be used quite satisfactorily on tractors fitted with fixed lateral drawbars a swinging type drawbar is to be preferred as it generally allows better cornering.v The baler hitch plate can be adjusted vertically to allow the baler drawbars to be approximately level when fitted to the tractor. The baler drawbar can be quickly changed from the working to the transport position by the release of a spring loaded plurger. P.T.O. shafts for I5 and 20 Balers are supplied in three optionalb lengths to suit tractors. The crop must be so arranged that windrows are regular and have the same section to assure even feeding and smooth running of the baler. It is recommended to make small windrows and to drive quickly. Check that windrow height is lower than crop guide bar height thus avoiding the possibility oi baler over loading by picking up too large windrows. Windrowing should be operated in more details…..

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