Croatian-English and English-Croatian Dictionary and Phrasebook

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Croatian-English and English-Croatian Dictionary and Phrasebook more than 4500 entires Other Discover to Speak Croatian Audio and Books click here Croatian-English and English-Croatian Dictionary and Phrasebook – Paperback Paperback – 272pp Croatian the official code of the Republic of Croatia utilizes the Latin alphabet. This dictionary and phrasebook involves a dictionary of over 1 000 words plus helpful phrasebook chapters covering such topics as travel and transportation getting about food and drink medical and more. About the Croatian Language Croatian code (Croatian: hrvatski jezik) is a South Slavic code that is utilized generally in Croatia by Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina in neighbouring nations where Croats are autochthonous communities and components of the Croatian diaspora. It is occasionally classified as belonging to the Central South Slavic diasystem (furthermore called Serbo-Croatian). Standard Croatian is dialectally based found on the Western tokavian dialect with Ijekavian reflex of Common Slavic yat vowel. Croatian linguistic region encompasses 2 alternative main dialects #268;akavian and Kajkavian which lead lexically to the standard code. It is created with all the Croatian alphabet based on Latin alphabet. The contemporary Croatian standard code is a continuous outgrowth of over 9 100 years of literature created in a mixture of Croatian Church Slavonic and the vernacular code. Croatian Church Slavonic was abandoned by the mid-15th century and Croatian as embodied in a strictly vernacular literature (Croatian literature) has existed for over five decades. Additionally during the 13th century Croatian vernacular texts started to appear the most crucial among them being Istrian land survey 1275 and The Vinodol Codex 1288. both in the #268;akavi lots more

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