Phone Socket Adaptor – Allows 801 802 805 Australia phones to be plugged into RJ12 or RJ45 sockets

Get more Phone Socket adaptors for telephones click here Socket adaptor . This allows a standard Australian Phone to be plugged into an RJ12 or RJ 45 Socket that is now common in Australia in homes and houses. Works for PMG / Telecom /Telstra 801 802 phones. Some PMG Bakelite 300 and 400 phones might have the same plug (check the picture below) Note: You still need a RJ12 / RJ45 cable to plug this in (the standard cable that goes from the wall socket to a modern phone) You can get an RJ12 / RJ 45 extension cable here Also there are Double Adaptors to allow to Rotary Dial Phones to be plugged into one socket here considerably more details

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