Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance

Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance by Lennard ZinnYou only need one look inside to see why Zinn the Art of Road Bike Maintenance has become one of the world s best-selling books on bike repair. This smartly organised and clearly illustrated guide to road bike repair and maintenance – now with colour for easier reference – can make a mechanic out of anyone. Lennard Zinn s expert advice makes quick work of taking care of every part of a road bike. Zinn can teach anyone how to completely and properly maintain all aspects of a bicycle to ensure years of trouble-free riding. Newcomers and experienced mechanics alike will benefit from the hundreds of illustrations the exploded views of how components go together and Zinn s practical time-saving tips. The level of detail is astonishing but Zinn s friendly advice is confidence-inspiring and his years of experience make tackling even the most daunting task fun and easy. All the latest high-tech equipment is covered in this new edition but Zinn does not neglect older bike technology. Indeed no matter what road bike you may have in your garage chances are you ll find it – and the way to fix it – in these pages.This new edition includes the basics – even if your mechanical skills stop at pumping tires Lennard s guidance will show you how to maintain your bike in perfect condition. The advanced – no matter how arcane the task Lennard has time-saving tips to speed your work. Integrated spindle cranks carbon forks internal headsets ceramic bearings – they re all in here with exploded diagrams to show you the way. The latest tech – Lennard makes sense out of the newest components including: Campagnolo s 11-speed Shimano s electronic Dura-Ace SRAM s Red shifters Campagnolo s Ultra-Torque cranks and more. Older components – still spinning a SunTour freewheel? Let Lennard s years of experience help you make sense of old metal. Cyclocross – new cyclocross-specific information throughout along with more Pro Tips more illustrations more recommendations – more of what you need to know. Integracar tries to furnish a sizeable spectrum of maintenance guides. Nonetheless workshop manuals can possibly be developed for distinctive nations and the motor cycle released for those countries. Then not all service manuals may be applicable for your specific motor bike. If you have important questions whether a certain owners manual i here

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