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Yoga Wave by Shiva Rea A Home Yoga Practice for Connecting to the Evolutionary Force of Life View all our Shiva Rea Audio CDs click here other Yoga Audio CDs click here Yoga Wave – Shiva Rea – Audio CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 2 CDs Wave motion is the movement of life teaches yogini Shiva Rea. Just as every cycle of nature is expressed as a wave form every movement and posture in Shiva Reas yoga is a flowing wave that unlocks the health vitality and creativity of your body. On Yoga Wave this world-renowned instructor invites you to turn your yoga practice into a communion with the fundamental cyclical principle that nourishes the evolution of all life. Shiva Rea uses an approach she calls quot;wave sequencing quot; to help you create your own comprehensive experience of fluid yoga. Taking you beyond yoga focused solely on individual poses Shivas approach on YYoga Wave is to guide you gracefully and naturally through a series of postures and asanas that become a single transformative flow. With progressions that combine the meditative (lunar) practices with the physical (solar) practices she gives you all the tools you need to build and expand your home practice to enhance your vitality fluidity and creative energy. This new guided audio program features: CD One: Solar Wave progressions for strength and flexibility energizing exercises perfect for athletic beginners to intermediate practitioners CD Two: Meditative Lunar Wave progressions that focus on breath and energy flow excellent for building confidence for beginners or creating a balanced practice for experienced yoga lovers Yoga Journal recognizes Shiva Reas flow approach as the most significant new evolution of American yoga. Join Shiva Rea on Yoga Wave to experience this ecstatic movement-centered unfo click the link

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