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Yoga Sanctuary by Shiva Rea A Guided Hatha Yoga Practice For Home and on the Road View all our Shiva Rea Audio CDs click here other Yoga Audio CDs click here Yoga Sanctuary – Shiva Rea – Audio CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 2 CDs Yoga is ultimately a journey of unification of the individual self with the universal self. These audios support you in experiencing the many benefits of self-practice; such as the ability to move at your own pace to practise according to your changing needs and schedule and to spend more time doing yoga than driving to class. This two-CD set offers you two complete flow practices and the ability to program variations from 13 tracks available to fit your schedule and specific needs. Yoga Sanctuary is a wonderful collaboration between yoga teacher Shiva Rea and Lisbeth Scott. It is a 2 cd set the first quot;solar quot; (a more vigorous workout) and the second quot;lunar quot; (a more calming stretch oriented workout.). Shiva talks the listener through a carefully designed series of yoga exercises.Included is a 12 page booklet with photographs of the poses for additional clarity. This disc is best for those with some experience with yoga. All the music accompanying the narration is composed and performed by Lisbeth. Cellist Martin Tillman adds his mesmerizing sound to the music as well as Native American Flute player Joe Redcloud.The result is a magical and unearthly combination of voice piano guitar cello and flute. You will definately be transported to another planet!!!!!! Disc One: Solar Practice – An energizing balanced sequence cultivating strength and flexibility. Tracks include: Sun Salutations Standing Poses Standing Pose Flow Balance Poses Abdominal Strenghtening Backbends Counter Poses. Disc Two: Lunar Practice – A relaxing flow click

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