Understanding Death, Helping the Dying – Ian Gawler Audio book CD

Understanding Death Helping the Dying by Ian Gawler – Audio Book CD Insight healing series Other Ian Gawler Audio Book CDs Click here Understanding Death Helping the Dying – by Ian Gawler Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD): Here he offers profound insights heart advice and practical wisdom. This is a CD to listen to or share with Family and friends. It contains important information and can be a catalyst for meaningful conversation and transformation. About the Author Ian Gawler: Dr Ian Gawler OAM is one of Australias most experienced and respected authorities on mind/body medicine and meditation. Also Ian is well known as an advocate of self-help techniques and a healthy lifestyle. A long-term cancer survivor he was diagnosed with bone cancer and his right leg was amputated in 1975. However the disease recurred later that year. Drawing upon a truly integrated approach Ian was fortunate to experience a remarkable recovery.Now his story offers hope and inspiration to people across the country and around the world. The self help techniques that he developed have helped many to convert hope into sustained health and peace of mind.A pioneer in mind/body medicine Dr Gawler is known for his clarity and good humour. With a gift for translating ancient wisdom into a modern context and having appeared widely in the media Ian has played a major part in popularising meditation and other mind/body medicine techniques in the western worldWhat Dr Gawler has to offer is the benefit of his own experience and research as well as the accumulated experience and wisdom of the many thousands of people he has worked with. Since 1981 when he began to conduct active solution-based support groups for other people affected by cancer his work has expanded into a dual role. One aspect is the focus on more info

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