Toyota Land Cruiser Gold Portfolio 1956-1987

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The first Land Cruiser appears about the same time as the Land-Rover some of which went to Australia. Styling changes occurred in 1952 with the modern range designated F25s and F28s and looking like the 42 Series. The FJ43 appeared in the mid-1960s the 40 and 45 Series in Australia in 1967/8. All Land Cruiser models have many sub-models detailed in their codes.The FJ55 was introduced in 1969 to compete with the Range Rover although the styling left much to be desired. The 43 series continued to be made in Japan and the 40 and 45 Series had improvements made throughout the 1970s. Production of the FJ55 ceased in 1980 to be followed by the Series 60. This was only available with an in-line six-cylinder engine of 3980cc. A generous five-seater and good load carrier there were few changes made to it after production commenced.Toyota Land Cruiser Gold Portfolio 1956 – 1987 is a book of contemporary road and comparison tests new model introductions technical and specification data driving impressions of road tests long-term reports buying second hand.Models covered include: FWD Pick-up Station Wagon LX De Luxe Diesel. information

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Regearing a Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series gearbox In 2017, Toyota saw fit to change the 70 Series box ratios of second and fifth cogs by seven and 15 per cent respectively. A later model (than the 2011 Troopy) box could’ve done the job, but there was little reason to change second gear, as it was already low enough and useable enough for towing and general off-road work.