The Three Gifts of Merlin – Heather Redfern-Kinnersley – AudioBook CD

The Three Gifts of Merlin by Heather Redfern-Kinnersley 1CD Meditation Audio CD Get other Guided Meditation AudioBooks click here The Three Gifts of Merlin – Heather Redfern-Kinnersley – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD): About The Three Gifts of Merlin Would you like greater self-awareness? Are you seeking guidance support or wisdom from within? Do you wish to be more fulfilled in life? This meditation is designed as a journey for the conscious mind to travel along allowing the unconscious to work with inner qualities such as fulfillment inner calm greater self awareness and resourcefulness. Heather takes you on a wonderful guided journey to meet Merlin. Along the journey there are a number of mystical people to meet and magical places visit. These are presented as metaphors which can be taken on board by the unconscious mind and create deep understanding about the inner working of oneself fulfillment and the ability to receive inner wisdom. This includes a wise woman in a mystical house who introduces you to her skills a fountain with magical properties and Merlin himself with all the power and wisdom that he brings from his time. Featuring music from the Druid Trilogy by Medwyn Goodall The Three Gifts of Merlin – Heather Redfern-Kinnersley – Audio Book CD more…..

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