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The Magic of Believing Claude M. Bristol Other Motivational Audio Books click here The Magic of Believing – Claude M. Bristol – Audio Book CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 1 CD 1 Hour For more than fifty years success-orientated Americans have turned to the no-nonsense time-tested motivational techniques described in The Magic of Believing to achieve all their long – and short-term goals: a better job an increased income a happier marriage or simply a good nights sleep. About Claude M. Bristol: Born 1891 Claude M. Bristol served as a soldier in WW1 in France and Germany. He worked on the army newspaper Stars and Stripes until 1919. His best known book is The Magic of Believing published in 1948 which has sold well over a million copies and is widely regarded as a prosperity classic. The Magic of Believing was written he says for ex-service men and women who would have to adjust to civilian life and try to prosper in it. It was published when he was in his 50s and followed the success of a small book he published in 1932 entitledT.N.T. It Rocks The Earth. Claude Bristol was a hard-headed journalist for several years including stints as a police reporter and as church editor of a large city newspaper. In this post he met people from every denomination and sect and later read hundreds of books on psychology religion science metaphysics and ancient magic. Gradually Bristol began to see the golden thread which runs through all religions and esoteric teachings: that belief itself has amazing powers. Having spent years thinking about the power of thought he had assumed others knew something about it too. He was wrong. Strangely he found that most people go through life without realising the effect that strong belief can have on reaching their goals – they leave their desir more tips

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Claude M. Bristol (Author of The Magic of Believing) Claude M. Bristol is the author of The Magic of Believing (4.23 avg rating, 4201 ratings, 187 reviews, published 1948), TNT (4.05 avg rating, 139 ratings…

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A Biography of Claude M. Bristol Born 1891, Claude M. Bristol served as a soldier in WW1 in France and Germany. He worked on the army newspaper, Stars and Stripes until 1919. His best known book is The Magic of Believing, published in 1948, which has sold well over a million copies, and is widely regarded as a prosperity classic.

The Magic of Believing | Claude Bristol | Summary & Review … The Magic of Believing (1948) Claude M Bristol Claude Bristol was a hard-headed journalist for several years, including stints as a police reporter and as church editor of a large city newspaper. In this post he met people from every denomination and sect, and later read hundreds of books on psychology, religion, science, metaphysics and …

The Magic of Believing PDF Summary – Claude M. Bristol … “The Magic of Believing Summary” Claude M. Bristol argues that being successful is a matter of dedication, belief, and character. As evidence, “ The Magic of Believing ” presents stories from renowned personalities who throughout the history used the same elementary force to achieve their goals.

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The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol The Magic of Believing was originally published in 1948 yet its thesis has withstood the test of time and it is as relevant, informative and inspirational as it was 70 years ago! Claude Bristol is clearly the father of The Secret and The Law of Attraction. Mr.

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