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The Bike Book by Mark StoreyNow in its 17th year of publication The Bike Book continues to be a bestseller. Compiled by a new author this sixth edition is a major update to include all new developments in the cycling world along with a thorough check and revision of all existing material. New photography together with a refreshed page design (the first redesign in the book s history) offer the reader a user-friendly and contemporary manual – but still with the clear step-by-step approach for which Haynes is famous. Integracar attempts to give you a considerable number of repair guides. But yet repair manuals may just be released for varying countries and the motorcycles built for those nations. Which means not all workshop manuals may be ideal for your specific motorbike. If you have any questions whether or not a particular maintenance manual is eligible for your motorbike please contact us hereThe Bike Book by Mark Storey click to go

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