The Affirmation Garden – -Indigo Kids, Amy Hamilton – AudioBook CD

The Affirmation Garden Indigo Kids – Amy Hamilton 1 CD – Meditation Audio CD for other Childrens Meditation or Relaxation Audio CD click here Get other Meditation Music Audio CDs click here The Affirmation Garden – Indigo Kids Amy Hamilton – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About The Affirmation Garden From the author of the bestselling Indigo Dreaming book and CD range comes this latest recording that takes children on wonderful adventures while teaching them important relaxation skills. Through a series of meditations visualisations and affirmations youngsters will learn how to use positive words to create positive thoughts emotions expectations and experiences. It will improve their sense of self-worth and confidence. The story and meditations are accompanied by the beautiful music of composer and sound healer Christine Morrison. About Indigo Kids and Amy Hamilton At Indigo Kidz we believe that developing a childs sense of spirit and enriching their soul is the most precious gift we can give. With our range of guides and products we hope to educate parents teachers and children about the magic of meditation and relaxation and offer ways to help children manage stress fill their hearts and minds with self-confidence and develop their self-worth. Indigo Kidz provides resources that are fun and easy to use for everyone whatever their background or belief may be. Weve made our website a breeze to negotiate and presented the information in simple easy to understand terms. Weve even listed additional links and resources for all those people who like us think our children deserve the best. Amy lives in Western Australia with her husband and three children. A former primary and secondary school teacher Amy now teaches meditation to children and writes resources and books t click to go

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