Teach Yourself Modern Persian 2 Audio CDs and Book (Farsi)

Teach Yourself Modern Persian (Farsi) Book and 2 Audio CDs Get Other Arabic language learning Audio click here Teach Yourself Modern Persian (Farsi) – Book and 2 Audio CDs Brand New 2 CDs and Book learn how to speak understand and write modern persianprogress quickly beyond the basicsexplore the language in depthPersian is written in the Arabic script but it belongs to the Indo-European family of languages so speakers of European languages should find learning Persian relatively easy to begin with. It is remarkably simple in terms of formal grammar – no gender no noun inflection and no irregularities in verbal conjugation. Teach Yourself Persian is designed for the true beginner and self-access learner starting from the basics of learning the Persian alphabet. By the end of the course youll be able to build complex sentences and communicate in a wide range of everyday situations. Theres plenty of practice of each point as it is introduced and the accompanying CDs will help you to improve your speaking and listening skills. About the Author Narguess Farzad the author is a lecturer in Persian at the School of Oriental and African Studies London About the Farsi (Persian) Language Persian (Farsi) is an Indo-European language spoken in Iran (Persia) Afghanistan Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is derived from the language of the ancient Persian people. Persian belongs to the Western group of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family and is of the Subject Object Verb type. Contrary to common belief it is not a Semitic language. The Western Indo-Iranian group contains other related languages such as Kurdish and Balochi. The language is in the Southwestern Indo-Iranian group along with the Tat and Luri languages. Persian and its varieties have official-language find out more…..

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Complete Modern Persian (Farsi) Book/CD Pack: Teach Yourself This product is most effective when used in conjunction with the corresponding book. – You can purchase the book and double CD as a pack (ISBN: 9781444102307) – The book is also sold separately (ISBN: 9781444103540) (copy and paste the ISBN number into th

Prices for Teach Yourself Complete Modern Persian (Farsi … Teach Yourself Complete Modern Persian (Farsi) Narguess Farzad Paperback published August 2010 in United Kingdom. The complete course for a fun and effective way to learn Modern Persian (Farsi). Are you looking for a complete course in Modern Persian (Farsi) which takes you effortlessly from beginner to confident speaker? Whether you are starting from scratch, or are just out of practice …

Complete Persian (Modern Persian/Farsi): A Teach Yourself … Complete Persian (Modern Persian/Farsi): A Teach Yourself Guide provides you with a clear and comprehensive approach to modern Persian, or Farsi, so you can progress quickly from the basics to understanding, speaking, and writing Persian with confidence.

Complete Modern Persian (Farsi): Teach Yourself by … Do you want to be able to listen to, speak, read and write Modern Persian confidently Do you want the convenience of being able to learn at home or on the move Touch & Listen ebooks are a groundbreaking approach to language learning that include audio embedded within the pages of the books themselves – right where you need them.

Complete Modern Persian (Farsi): A Teach Yourself Guide It’s easy to teach yourself Farsi “Complete Modern Persian (Farsi): A Teach Yourself Guide” provides you with a clear and comprehensive approach to Farsi, so you can progress quickly from the basics to understanding, speaking, and writing Farsi with confidence.

Circle Books – Page 46 Teach Yourself Modern Persian (Farsi) Book and 2 Audio CDs Get Other Arabic language learning Audio click here Teach Yourself Modern Persian (Farsi) – Book and 2 Audio CDs Brand New 2 CDs and Book learn how to speak understand and write modern persianprogress quickly beyond the basicsexplore the language…