Teach Yourself Hungarian- 2 Audio CDs and Book – Learn to speak Hungarian

Teach Yourself Hungarian – Book and 2 Audio CDs Get Other Teach Yourself Language Learning Audio Books click here Teach Yourself Hungarian – 2 Audio CDs and Book Brand New (still shrink wrapped) 2 CDs and Book *learn how to speak understand and write Hungarian *progress quickly beyond the basics *explore the language in depth This is a complete book/CD course in spoken and written Hungarian. If you have never learned Hungarian before or if your Hungarian needs brushing up Teach Yourself Hungarian is for you.Zsuzsa Pontifex has created a practical course that is both fun and easy to work through. She explains everything clearly along the way and gives you plenty of opportunities to practise what you have learned. The course structure means that you can work at your own pace arranging your learning to suit your needs.The course contains:- 21 graded units of dialogue culture notes grammar and exercises- A guide to Hungarian pronunciation- A Hungarian-English vocabulary list.By the end of the course youll be able to cope with a whole range of situations and participate fully and confidently in Hungarian life.A practical course designed for the complete beginner even if you have never studied any languages before. Part 1 contains enough information for you to communicate confidently on a holiday or business trip. Part 2 builds on the language skills acquired in Part One and is for students who want an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Hungarian.Table of Contents: PronunciationPART ONE1. Your passport please!2. Would you like a black coffee?3. Waiter!4. How much does it cost?5. Wheres Blaha Lujza Square?PART TWO6. How are things?7. Were moving house on Monday!8. I love going to football matches.9. Are you cold?10. Ill be there at 7.11. What size do you want it in?12. Ho more info

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