Start Where You Are – Pema Chodron AudioBook CD

Start Where You Are by Pema Chodron A Guide to Compassionate Living View all our Pema Chodron Audio CD click here Start Where You Are – Pema Chodron – Audio Book CD Brand New : 6 hours 5 CDs – unabridged This audiobook is an indispensable tool for cultivating fearlessness and awakening a compassionate heart.Withinsight and humor Pema Chodron offers guidance on how to accept our flaws and embrace ourselves wholeheartedly as a prerequisite for developing compassion. She frames her teachings around fifty-nine traditional Buddhist practice slogans (called lojong in Tibetan) such as: quot;Always maintain only a joyful mind quot; and quot;Dont seek others pain as the limbs of your own happiness. quot; Working with these slogans we begin to develop the courage to face our inner pain and thereby discover a wealth of joy well-being and confidence. About the Author Pema Chodron: Pema Chodron (formerly Deirdre Blomfield-Brown born 1936) is a fully ordained Buddhist nun in the Tibetan vajrayana tradition and a teacher in the lineage of Chogyam Trungpa. The goal of her work is the ability to apply Buddhist teachings in everyday life. She is one of the most successful interpreters of Tibetan Buddhism for westerners noted for her approachable and down-to-earth teaching style. Pema Chodron has conducted workshops seminars and meditation retreats in Europe Australia and throughout North America. She is resident teacher of Gampo Abbey a monastery in rural Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada. History Pema Chodron was born in New York City and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. She previously worked as an elementary school teacher before converting to Buddhism. Chodron began to study with Lama Chime Rinpoche in the French Alps and became a Buddhist nun in 1974 while stu more…..

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