Speak Spanish with Dora and Diego: Family Adventures! by Pimsleur Audio Book CD

Speak Spanish with Dora Diego: Family Adventures! by Pimsleur Get other Children s Foreign Language AudioBooks here Get other Pimsleur here Family Adventures! This product is the first of a two-package series. It contains four original stories (My Family Breakfast At School and At Night) on two CDs and with two accompanying books plus a Parents Manual. Pimsleur is the world leader in teaching adults to speak a foreign language. These programs offer Spanish language learning to children ages 2 to 6. Kids are right in the middle of the action with age-specific vocabulary and fascinating real-life situations featuring their friends Dora Diego and Boots. Speak Spanish with Dora Diego Simon Schuster snew children s Spanish audio language program is the latest addition to the renowned Pimsleur(R) Language Programs. Following the amazing success of the adult programs in teaching real-life communication skills when speaking with native speakers of Spanish these programs provide the same opportunity for English-speaking children ages 2 to 6. Based upon the same research as the Pimsleur adult programs the course writers have selected age-specific vocabulary and created fascinating real-life situations utilizing structures and vocabulary used by Spanish children. Parents will now be able to enjoy the excitement and have the satisfaction of seeing their children learn to communicate in Spanish — and enjoying the process.Vocabulary: approximately 150 wordsTarget age range: 2 years old to 6 years old About the Author: Dr. Paul Pimsleur devoted his life to language teaching and testing and was one of the world s leading experts in applied linguistics. After years of experience and research Dr. Pimsleur developed The Pimsleur Method based on two key principles: the Principle of Anticipation and a scientific principle of memory training that he called Graduated Interval Recall. This Method has been applied to the many levels and languages of the Pimsleur Programs. Audio books are a quality way for children to appreciate stories no matter if they are strong readers or just like a story read to them. The children can hear audio books in all sorts of places. A toddler can listen to an audio book driving to school. You can listen to an audiobook in CD format on a CD player or convert it to mp3 format and listen on an ipod we have a guide on how to convert your CDs int click here

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