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Rick Steves French Phrasebook and DictionaryOther French Dictionaries and Phrasebooks click hereRick Steves Travel Guidebook to France is here making it easier to travel through France Paperback 272 pages 140 grams # After 30 seasons of close-to-the-ground travel through Europe Rick Steves has learned which French words and phrases are important for independent travelers – and which ones are worthless outside of four-star hotels. This pocket-sized volume is packed with practical words and phrases designed to help you enjoy a better trip. # Youll find key French words and phrases covering: # Travel in France by train and/or car # Shopping money entertainment # Sleeping eating sightseeing # Travel talk making friends health love naughty words # French tongue twisters and gestures # A detailed French-English and English-French travelers dictionary # More pages but thinner paper for better quot;pocketability quot; # Instructions for using French telephones # A multi-page French menu decoder # Maps to aid in conversations # Phrases for reserving a room by phone# Enough words for a meaningful discussion of life politics and social issues with your new French friends.Contents Getting Started French Basics bull; Meeting and Greeting bull; Essentials bull; Handy Questions bull; Quintessentially French Expressions Counting bull; Numbers bull; Money bull; Time Traveling bull; Flights bull; Trains bull; Buses and subways bull; Taxis bull; Driving Sleeping bull; Places to stay bull; Reserving a room bull; Confirming Changing and Canceling Reservations bull; Nailing Down the Price Eating bull; Restaurants bull; Special Concerns bull; Whats Cooking bull; Picnicking Menu Decoder bull; French / English bull; English / French Activities bull; Sightseeing bull; Shoppi click here

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Rick Steves French Phrase Book | Rick Steves Travel Store After decades of close-to-the-ground travel through Europe, Rick Steves has learned which French words and phrases are important for independent travelers — and which ones are worthless outside of four-star hotels.

Rick Steves’ French Phrase Book & Dictionary (7th ed.) Bonjour! From ordering a café au lait in Paris to making new friends in the Loire Valley, it helps to speak some of the native tongue. Rick Steves, bestselling author of travel guides to Europe, offers well-tested phrases and key words to cover every situation a traveler is likely to encounter.

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Rick Steves’ French, Italian and German Phrase Book … Rick Steves’ French Phrase Book & Dictionary : Rick Steves … Rick Steves’ French, Italian & German Phrase Book $19.00 Informative, concise, and practical, Rick Steves’ French, Italian and German Phrase Book is an essential item for any traveler’s backpack…

Rick Steves’ French Phrase Book & Dictionary by Rick … Rick Steves, bestselling author of travel guides to Europe, offers well-tested phrases and key words to cover every situation a traveler is likely to encounter. This handy guide provides key phrases for use in everyday circumstances and comes complete with phonetic spelling, an English-French and French-English dictionary, the latest information on European currency and rail transportation …

Rick Steves’ French Phrase Book & Dictionary | Rakuten Kobo Rick Steves, bestselling author of travel guides to Europe, offers well-tested phrases and key words to cover every situation a traveler is likely to encounter. This handy guide provides key phrases for use in everyday circumstances and comes complete with phonetic spelling, an English-French and French-English dictionary, the latest information on European currency and rail transportation …

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Rick Steves’ French Phrase Book and Dictionary – Goodreads Rick Steves’ French Phrase Book and Dictionary book. Read 14 reviews from the world’s largest community for readers. Bonjour! From ordering a cafe au lai… Read 14 reviews from the world’s largest community for readers.