Red Rotary Dial Phone – 801 made by PMG / Telecom refurbished — Extremely Rare

Vintage 801 Retro Rotary Dial Red Phone refurbished – in very rare Red colour This Telephone has a new dial label (blank). This was the standard telephone in Australian homes during the 1960 s. PMG code was 801 ACF Red . The 801 Red phones are much harder to find than the 802 model red telephones. It has a very rare red line cord. Tens of thousands of these phones were destroyed – they are now rare – with ones in as good condition as this – even rarerThis phone has a refurbished plastic phone shell the handpiece and curly cord are refurbished. The electronics have been refurbished. the handpiece and case has been buffed but still has some fine scratches however its good for another 30 years. It looks fantastic for a 50 year old telephone. This is not a junky phone like those being sold on eBay or sitting in someone s shed or bought at a garage sale – this is a quality telephone. Dials decadic it will not dial DTMF tones that you use for voicemail/call centres etc. However it dials telephone numbers fine information on decadic here. It rings with a loud mechanical bell that you can adjust under the phone. This phone has been refurbished . The red 801 telephone comes with a standard telecom 605 plug you may need an adaptor here or other adaptors here you may need an ADSL filter information on ADSL with retro phones here. Vintage 801 Retro Rotary Dial Red Phone refurbished – in very rare Red colour lots more

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