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Polish – English English-Polish Dictionary 9000 entries Get Other Polish Language Learning Audio Books click here Polish – English English-Polish Dictionary Paperback 239 pages This Hippocrene Concise Dictionary contains over 9 000 entries for pupils and tourist a phonetic guide to pronunciation in both languages completely contemporary and up-to-date and has a obvious concise formatting by bestselling dictionary writer Iwo C. Pogonowski. About the Polish Language Polish an official code of Poland has the biggest amount of speakers of any West Slavic code. Polish is spoken in a uniform way through nearly all of Poland and has a standard orthography. The code developed indigenously and retains countless historic Slavic attributes of pronunciation and grammar. Although the Polish code was suppressed by occupying powers during some famous periods a wealthy literature has however developed over the decades and several functions by Polish authors are obtainable in translations in English and different languages. Polish is primarily spoken in Poland. Poland is regarded as the many homogeneous European nations for its mom tongue; almost 97% of Poland s residents declare Polish as their mom language due to World War II after which Poland was forced to change its borders which resulted in different migrations (German expulsions Operation Wis #322;a). After the Second World War the earlier Polish territories annexed by the USSR retained a big amount of the Polish population that has been unwilling or unable to migrate toward the post-1945 Poland and even now ethnic Poles constitute big minorities in Lithuania Belarus and Ukraine. Polish is by far the many popular minority code in Lithuania s Vilnius County (26% of the population based on the 2001 census results) and it s moreover details

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