Pink Western Electric Rotary Dial Telephone

One Western Electric 500 series Retro Rotary Dial Red Phone – USA phone – in Pink colour This phone is in excellent condition and has been refurbished. It has a RJ12 cable (see photo) This is the phone you see in the old american movies with the ring you hear in the american movies. These are very robust phones and have a fantastic ring. No Australian Rotary Dial Phones were made in pink. the phone comes with an RJ12 cord The Series 500 phone was the standard dial phone in the 1950s 1960s and 1970s in the USA. The Western Electric Model 500 telephone was the standard desk-style telephone set used by AT T (the Bell System) in North America from the late 1949 through the divestiture of AT T in 1984. Many millions of Model 500 phones were produced and were a familiar sight in almost every home in North America. Numbers of Western Electric 500 phones are still in use today thanks to their durability. The basic phone s modular construction not only made manufacture and repair simple. The original Western Electric Model 500 was designed by the firm of industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss the product of several years of research and testing and introduced in 1949. The 500 replaced the Dreyfuss-influenced Western Electric Model 302 introduced in 1937 and improved upon several areas of design that were problematic in the earlier models. For example the Model 302 utilized a porcelain-coated dial plate with the numbers printed inside the finger holes. After years of use the printed numbers and the even the dial plate s porcelain coating would wear off. The design of the 500 corrected this by molding them into the plastic instead of printing them on the surface. The numbers were moved outside of the dial to enable the user to see the numbers while the dial was spinning back to its resting position to position his finger to dial the next digit (later this became redundant with clear plastic dials). This arrangement also had the benefit of reducing mis-dialed calls. Originally the 500 was available only in black and had a rotary dial with a black-painted metal fingerwheel (black remained the most popular color throughout the model s production and the Model 500 has been affectionately nicknamed by some as quot;the black brick quot;). Within a few years the Model 500 began to be made in a variety of colors and the metal finger wheel was replaced with a clear plastic rotary click

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