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Pimsleur Comprehensive Arabic (Eastern) Level 2 Get other Pimsleur Comprehensive Arabic click hereGet other Arabic Language audio click here Comprehensive Arabic II includes 30 additional lessons (16 hrs.) plus Readings which build upon the language skills acquired in Level I. Increased spoken and reading language ability.Level II will double your vocabulary and grammatical structures while increasing your spoken proficiency exponentially. Upon completion of a Level II you will be able to: engage in fuller conversations involving yourself your family daily activities interests and personal preferences combine known elements into increasingly longer sentences and strings of sentences create with language and function in informal situations deal with concrete topics in the past present and future meet social demands and limited job requirements begin reading for meaning. Note: In order for the Pimsleur Method to work correctly you must first complete the Level I language program before proceeding to the Level II language program. About the Arabic LanguageArabic rab #299;) is the largest living member of the Semitic language family in terms of speakers. Classified as Central Semitic it is closely related to Hebrew and Aramaic and has its roots in a Proto-Semitic common ancestor. Modern Arabic is classified as a macrolanguage with 27 sub-languages in ISO 639-3. These varieties are spoken throughout the Arab world and Standard Arabic is widely studied and known throughout the Islamic world.Modern Standard Arabic derives from Classical Arabic the only surviving member of the Old North Arabian dialect group attested epigraphically since the 6th century which has been a literary language and the liturgical language of Islam since the 7th century.Arabic has lent many words to other languages of the Islamic world as Latin has contributed to most European languages. And in turn it has also borrowed from those languages as well as Persian and Sanskrit from early contacts with their affiliated regions. During the Middle Ages Arabic was a major vehicle of culture especially in science mathematics and philosophy with the result that many European languages have also borrowed numerous words from it especially Spanish and Portuguese countries it ruled for 700 years (see Al-Andalus).Colloquial Arabic is a collective term for the spoken varieties of Arabic used throughout the more advice

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