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The Pema Chodron Audio Collection by Pema Chodron View all our Pema Chodron Audio CD click here The Pema Chodron Audio Collection – Audio Book CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 6 CDs Pema Chodron one of the Wests most beloved teachers of Buddhism makes the Tibetan vajrayana tradition accessible in todays world. Now three of her most popular teachings are available in one boxed set. The Pema Chodron Collection includes: Pure Meditation-step-by-step instruction in Tibetan Buddhisms pinnacle practice for transformation and letting go; Good Medicine-teachings in tonglen an elegant meditation that allows us to use our troubles to befriend ourselves and widen our circle of compassion; and From Fear to Fearlessness-offers an antidote to fear in the four noble aspirations-maitri (lovingkindness) compassion joy and equanimity. For the first time enjoy over seven hours of Ani Pemas trademark humor and a down-to-earth style in one collectors edition. About the Author Pema Chodron: Pema Chodron (formerly Deirdre Blomfield-Brown born 1936) is a fully ordained Buddhist nun in the Tibetan vajrayana tradition and a teacher in the lineage of Chogyam Trungpa. The goal of her work is the ability to apply Buddhist teachings in everyday life. She is one of the most successful interpreters of Tibetan Buddhism for westerners noted for her approachable and down-to-earth teaching style. Pema Chodron has conducted workshops seminars and meditation retreats in Europe Australia and throughout North America. She is resident teacher of Gampo Abbey a monastery in rural Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada. History Pema Chodron was born in New York City and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. She previously worked as an elementary school teacher before converting to Buddhism. Chodron more here…..

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THE ESSENTIAL PEMA CHODRON COLLECTION – What Study THE ESSENTIAL PEMA CHODRON COLLECTION by Pema Chodron. Description. Author of several books including When Things Fall Down, Comfortable With Uncertainty and Places That Scare You, Pema Chodron is a resident teacher at the monastery of Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia and a devoted student of Chogyam Trungpa and Jigar Kongtrul.

The Pema Chodron Foundation – The Buddhist Contemplative … The Pema Chodron Foundation is dedicated to preserving and sharing Pema’s inspiration and teachings in order that they might help us all awaken wisdom and compassion in ourselves and the world around us. On this website you can learn more about Pema’s work, teachings, and publications, and the vision of the Pema Chodron Foundation.

The Pema Chodron Audio Collection • Audio CDs For the first time, enjoy over seven hours of Ani Pema’s trademark humor and a down-to-earth style in one collectors edition. Three of her most popular teachings are available in one boxed set. The Pema Chodron Collection includes: Pure Meditation step-by-step instruction in Tibetan Buddhism’s pinnacle practice for transformation and letting go.

The Pema Chodron Collection: The Wisdom of No Escape … Pema Chodron talks a lot about the difficult but important work of making your soul ready for the hard things of life, and how to do that. A great instructional book for people who are going through hard times, or for people who are ready to do the hard work to really change who they are, to change their life. flag 2 likes · Like · see review

The Pema Chodron Collection [PDF] Download Full – PDF Read … Author: Pema Chodron. Publisher: Shambhala Publications. ISBN: 0834821176. Category: Religion. Page: 176. View: 116. A collection of short inspirational readings by “one of the world’s wisest women”–O, the Oprah Magazine. Pema Chödrön, beloved Buddhist nun and best-selling author, offers this treasury of 108 short selections from her more …

The Pema Chodron Collection : Pema Chodron : 9781591791591 Pema Choedroen, one of the West’s most beloved teachers of Buddhism, makes the Tibetan vajrayana tradition accessible in today’s world. Now three of her most popular teachings are available in one boxed set, The Pema Choedroen Collection, which includes: Pure Meditation-Step-by-step instruction in Tibetan Buddhism’s pinnacle practice for …

The Pema Chodron Collection by Pema Chodron, Compact Disc … Pema ChAdron makes the Tibetan vajrayana tradition accessible in today’s world. Now three of her most popular teachings are available in one boxed set. The Pema ChAdrAn Audio Collection includes: Pure Meditation-step-bystep instruction in Tibetan Buddhism’s pinnacle practice for transformation and letting go.

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