Pass Through Panic – Claire Weekes – Audio CD

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Pass Through Panic Claire Weekes Other Meditation Audio Books click here Pass Through Panic – Claire Weekes – Audio Book CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 2 CDs 2 Hours In this eight-part radio series Dr. Claire Weekes bestselling author of Hope and Help for Your Nerves speaks to the listener intimately and compassionately about how to overcome anxiety frustration phobias and depression. She coaches the listener on how to pass through panic and reach a place of strength and optimism. One of the first people to study and write about anxiety and panic disorders Dr. Weekes was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II for her contributions to medicine. Her revolutionary approach is remarkably simple and effective and continues to be recommended by medical and psychological communities throughout the world. About Claire Weekes: Dr Claire Weekes is renowned internationally for her special understanding and treatment of nervous illness. She worked in Europe and America curing patients and training professionals in her down to earth and practical method for changing your life. Her method was so highly regarded that she was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Dr Weekes always took a personal interest in and treasured the letters people sent her. She responded to numerous requests for more personal support by recording these audio and video resources. Before her death in 1990 Dr Weekes requested that her works remain readily available worldwide. Dr Weekes was the first woman to obtain a Doctor of Science degree at the University of Sydney Australia. She went into medicine culminating in being elected a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Being both a scientist and a physician made Dr Weekes an excellent diagnostician. Dr Weekes pioneered a world renowned me additional info…..

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