New reproduction Chrome 500 series Retro Rotary Dial Telephone

Vintage Reproduction Rotary Dial Chrome Phone. Brand new Telephone with modern features View other new reproduction retro rotary dial telephones here This phone is a reproduction of the classic 500 series telephone produced by Bell in the USA from 1949 until 1984. It has a similar design to the ACF 802 series phones produced by PMG Telecom in the 1960s and 1970s. The Bell 500 telephone was designed by Henry Dreyfuss a sucessful industrial designer of the 1930s and 1940s.This reproduction retro phone has all the modern features while still keeping the 1950s design. You can turn the ringer on and off. You can turn the receiver volume high and low. You have last number redial and call hold. This Telephone dials tone and decadic it has a switch so you can switch it between pulse/decadic and DTMF. This means you can use this retro reproduction rotary dial phone for voicemail/call centres etc.This phone is brand new. The Chrome telephone comes with a RJ11 phone cable that fits RJ12 sockets like these. If you have old Telecom/PMG 610 sockets you may need an 610 adaptor here. or other adaptors here you may need an ADSL filter information on ADSL with retro phones here Vintage Reproduction Rotary Dial Chrome Phone. Brand new Telephone with modern features extra

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