Music for Yoga and Other Joys – Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach – AudioBook CD

Music for Yoga and Other Joys by Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach Get other Yoga CDs click here Get other Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Music for Yoga and Other Joys – By Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Music for Yoga and Other Joys Grammy nominated world music pioneer Jai Uttal and multi-talented producer/instrumentalist Ben Leinbach offer a moving mix of melody rhythm texture and chant on Music for Yoga and Other Joys. Known for their eclectic blend of Eastern and Western sounds Jai and Ben have produced their first CD specifically designed to accompany your yoga practice as it joyfully permeates every aspect of life. Featuring dotar electric guitar slide tamboura banjo bansuri and Jais passionate singing Music for Yoga and Other Joys will take you on a gentle journey into the mysterious ocean of Spirit. About Jai Uttal Love can take many forms-the physical the emotional the spiritual among them. Each can stand alone in a beautiful way but when the myriad types of love entwine truly revelatory things can occur-as they do throughout Thunder Love the long-awaited new album by world music voyager Jai Uttal. I feel like this album is about opening up to love-finally he says. That involved letting go of a huge part of me that said ;I dont deserve love or on really bad days ;love doesnt exist. For me its taken big catharses to change those deep internal patterns. Ive immersed myself in a great number of spiritual practices but truly embracing human life…thats what brought me through the times of terrible darkness and addiction. Thunder Love is in many ways a sonic approximation of darkness giving way to dawn. But in its depiction of the first rays of a new rising sun theres an acknowledgment of the shadows that came before shadows come here

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