Mindfulness@Work by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Daniel Goleman – Audio book NEW CD

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Mindfulness@WorkDaniel Goleman and Jon Kabat-ZinnNew 1 CD Unabridged 1 HourIn this provocative new audiobook bestselling authorsGoleman and Kabat-Zinn explore the role that self-awareness plays in greatleadership. Many leaders have been schooled in critical and analytical thinkingbut were never taught the importance of being mindful. In cultivating thisforgotten element leaders will learn to trust their intuition develop newdecision-making and problem-solving methods and plan ahead instead of living quot;on the way quot; to the next step. Listeners will gain the tools thatallow them to truly lead as opposed to living in the concept of leadership.Mindfulness @ Work gives listeners the power to transform their workplaces fromself-involved to self-aware – and successful. quot;When work and love are more or less the same thing it doesnt matter whatthe work is. quot; Jon Kabat-Zinn. quot;When we divide our attention were actually neither here nor there. quot;Daniel Goleman. much more info

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