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Mindfulness Meditations by John Barter 2 CD meditation audio CD Get other Meditation Audio CDs click here Mindfulness Meditations – By John Barter – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 2 CDs About Mindfulness Meditations On this double CD set Psychologist and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher John Barter brings his 25 years of continuous practice in mindfulness and meditative disiplins to guide us in an appreciation and application of Mindfulness Meditation. Both beginners and established Meditators will find great benefit from this unique presentation bringing the possibility of Meditation into contemporary life for both health and performance. The music between the exercises is a beautiful track called Tranquilaise by Australian artist ENS. Tranquilaise is peacful and calming yet modern its appeal going beyond stereotypical new age sounds of a few years ago and bringing the idea of Meditation to a whole new audience. The first CD of the set Appreciating Mindfulness includes the tracks of:1. Overview of this duel CD set2. A background to John Barter and WELL-AWARE-NESS3. Definitions What is Meditation and Mindfulness4. Tuning into the feeling of Mindfulness5. Mindfulness in Buddhist Practice The Four Foundations of Mindfulness6. Psycho-Physical Therapeutic Potentials of Mindfulness Meditations7. Meditation and the Metaphor of Putting the Mug Down8. Mindfulness and Energy9. Meditation Practice Pointers10. Dealing with the Difficulty in Stopping11. Help with the Mental Hindrances to Meditation12. John Barters Five Factors of Mindfulness The second CD of the set Practicing Mindfulness includes the tracks of: 1. Introduction to our Mindfulness Meditation 2. Guided Mindfulness of the Breath Mediation (20 minutes) 3. Guided Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation (40 minutes) About click to go

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