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Mindfulness Meditation by Dr Sarah Edelman PhD Six guided Meditation tracks View all our Sarah Edelman Audio CD click here Mindfulness Meditation – Sarah Edelman – Audio CD 1 CDs – get the complete Dr Sarah Edelman collection of CDs here A brand new CD from best selling practitioner Dr Sarah Edelman who provides us with another tool for becoming more aware and mindful in our everyday lives. Mindfulness Meditation is a technique in which a person becomes more intentionally conscious of their judgement and events in the present instant or situation non-judgementally. It plays important role in Buddhism with Right Mindfullness meditation being the 7th element of the Noble 8 Fold Path the Sadhana of which is to engender insight and wisdom. Mindfulness Meditation is an very ancient practice that involves bringing ones attention fully to the present moment. This CD contains guided mindfulness exercises spoken by psychologist Dr Sarah Edelman Phd. These mindfulness exercises assist the listener to develop the skill of mindfulness meditation. Once these skills have been developed this skill can also be used to bring mindful awareness to situations that arise in ordinary everyday life. A reassuring voice of Dr Edelman guides the listener to focus on aspects of their current sensory experience with occasional reminders to focus attention when the mind drifts off. Mindfulness points to: Being aware of and paying attention to the moment in which we currently find ourselves. Our past is gone; our future is not yet here. So what exists between the past and the future is the present moment. If I can observe and not get caught up in my thoughts it is all that I have. The here and now the present is the link which holds what was and what will be. My past was a series of present moments more advice

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