Mermaids and Fairy Dust- Christiane Kerr – Childrens Relaxation Meditation for Girls

Mermaids and Fairy Dust by Christiane Kerr Magical Meditations for girls of all ages Get other Christiane Kerr Audio CD click here for other Childrens Meditation or Relaxation Audio CD click here Mermaids and Fairy Dust by Christianne Kerr – Audio CD Brand New : 1 CD Mermaids Fairy Dust – Beautiful imaginative meditations for wonderful little girls of all ages. Sixteen lovely calming visualisations designed to help children relax and feel happy and confident. Be a princess in your own special castle canter along the sea shore on a pony swim along with mermaids in the ocean and float away in a bubble of love. This CD can be used at home with your children or as a teaching resource. About the Author Christiane Kerr Christiane has been teaching yoga for over 15 years specialising in yoga for children and teenagers. She has a background in Montessori education and as well as a Sivananda training Christiane also completed a two year course with the YTTC in London. This was led by Chloe Fremantle and is influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. This course is currently undergoing accreditation from the BWY. Chritiane has also worked with Pete Blackaby and John Stirk..Calm for Kids was set up by Christiane Kerr in 1999. Our aim is to promote yoga and relaxation for children and teenagers. We are committed to providing the highest quality training and development facilities and our courses aim to give students the necessary skills and tools to confidently teach yoga to young people. Chrisitane started teaching relaxation sessions when she was a Montessori teacher and observed first hand the effect the sessions had on the childrens behaviour during and after the class. They were much calmer and more focused. After repeated requests from parents and teachers she produced t information

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Mermaids and Fairy Dust : Christiane Kerr : 9781901923919 A mother of two, Christiane runs relaxation and yoga courses for children. Her work has been featured in the national press and on TV and is now available through a new range of state of the art CDs published by Diviniti Publishing. Created for little girls of all ages, this 57 minute CD comprises 4 themes: Creative Meditations, Floating Meditations, Soothing Meditations, and Peaceful Meditations each theme comprises four individual creative visualisations.

Mermaids & Fairy Dust by Christiane Kerr A stunning CD designed to help children relax and to enhance feelings of happiness and contentment. Focusing on little girls of all ages, there are four sections, from Creative Meditations which include Fairy Relaxation and Little Princess, to Soothing Meditations including Blowing Away your Worries and Bubble of Love.

Mermaids and Fairy Dust- Christiane Kerr – Childrens … He writes that where yoga philosophy meditation or some direct reference to wisdom that draw on diverse exercise particularly studies takes by regular philosophy mysticism meditation stress and vedanta are offered among the flow of meditation . Mermaids and Fairy Dust : Christiane Kerr : 9781901923919 This is a superb high quality children’s meditation CD by leading yoga teacher and Montessori teacher Christiane Kerr. A mother of two, Christiane runs relaxation and yoga courses for children.

Mermaids and Fairy Dust- Christiane Kerr – Childrens … This was led by Chloe Fremantle and is influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. This course is currently undergoing accreditation from the BWY. Chritiane has also worked with Pete Blackaby and John Stirk..Calm for Kids was set up by Christiane Kerr in 1999. Our aim is to promote yoga and relaxation for children and teenagers.

Mermaids and Fairy Dust- Christiane Kerr – Childrens … Mermaids & Fairy Dust – Beautiful imaginative meditations for wonderful little girls of all ages. Sixteen lovely calming visualisations designed to help children relax and feel happy and confident. Be a princess in your own special castle, canter along the sea shore on a pony, swim along with mermaids in the ocean and float away in a bubble of love.