Meditations for a New Earth – Kim Eng – AudioBook CD

Meditations for a New Earth by Kim Eng Unabridged 2 CD Audio Book Set Get other Meditation AudioBooks click here Meditations for a New Earth – by Kim Eng – Audio Book CD Brand New (2 CDs – 2.5 hours): quot;To Be Still and Know quot; – Eight Essential Meditation Practices. About Meditations for a New Earth One of the most telling signs that we are creating what Eckhart Tolle calls a new earth is the increasing interest in meditation. Once a practice intended for monks and ascetics meditation is now open to everyone as a powerful pathway to awakened consciousness. On Meditations for a New Earth Eckharts teaching partner Kim Eng presents eight guided practices that let you go deeper into the formless awareness that has already awakened within you. Whether you are an experienced meditator or just starting out Kim Eng brings you 2 CDs of valuable insights and techniques including: bull; How to structure your practice so you are not doing meditation but instead allowing it to give rise to presence bull; Eight guided meditations including practices for dissolving the pain-body breathing meditating in nature and more bull; Ten mini-meditations to turn your daily routine into an opportunity for awakening bull; How to experience the true purpose of meditation-opening to a life of spacious awarenessIf youre like millions of readers you may wonder how you can participate in the transformation of consciousness that Eckhart Tolle describes in A New Earth. Now with Meditations for a New Earth you can discover a series of powerful and time-honored practices for liberating your awareness from the labyrinth of thought-and opening to a state of pure presence. About Kim Eng Kim Eng travels and works extensively with Eckhart Tolle the author of the best-selling books The Power of Now and here

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