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Meditation by Shinzen Young Get other Meditation Audio CDs click here Meditation – Shinzen Young – Meditation Audio CD Brand New About Meditation Scientific studies show that meditation can reliably increase your mental clarity reduce fatigue and improve physical health. And the best part? Its not as hard as you may think to start meditating. With Meditation: A Beginners Guide to Start Meditating Now expert teacher Shinzen Young brings newcomers a clear easy-to-follow programme to help listeners get their start in this transformative practice. Starting with a brief overview of the proven physical and emotional health benefits of meditation Shinzen provides precise guidance in specific practices that can be used by anyone-no matter what their background or belief system-to radically improve how they think feel work and connect with others. About Shinzen Young Shinzen Young became fascinated with Asian culture while a teenager in Los Angeles. Later he enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Buddhist Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Eventually he went to Asia and did extensive training in each of the three major Buddhist meditative traditions: Vajrayana Zen and Vipassana. Upon returning to the United States his intellectual interests shifted to the burgeoning dialogue between Eastern internal science and Western technological science. In recognition of his original contributions to that dialogue the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology has awarded him an honorary doctorate. Shinzens innovative techniques for pain management derived from two sources: The first is his personal experience dealing with discomfort during intense periods of meditation in Asia and during shamanic ceremonies with tribal cultures. The second is some three decades of experience in coaching people t information

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