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Magical Healing Mantras by Namaste 1 CD Get other Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Magical Healing Mantras – Namaste – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Magical Healing Mantras Mantras carry in their sound the magical ability to protect liberate vitalize open the heart relax emotions and mind and support the healing of body and soul. For thousands of years it has been known in the East that mantras have transforming powers over all natural phenomena. Shiva Shambho Govindam Jay Shree Krishna Aum Shree Ram Jaya Shiva Shankara Govinda Jaya Jaya Gayatri Mantra About Namaste Namaste is an international musical collective featuring 25 performers all followers of the late guru Osho who play instruments such as sitar flute guitar and tablas. Here they perform traditional Hindu mantras set to folk melodies with sweet choral vocals and quiet acoustic arrangements that sustain an atmosphere of gentle healing. The seven chants here include the beloved Gyatri mantra delivered as a slow medieval-sounding round. Recorded at Dawn Music Studios Cologne Germany. Personnel: Bela Kimaya (vocals). Namaste includes: Sangeet (vocals guitar sitar tarang); Gopal (vocals guitar sitar); Chaitanya (vocals guitar); Parijat (guitar); Bhola (flute); Shantam (bansuri); Martina F. Singh (tablas). Magical Healing Mantras – Namaste – Meditation Audio CD click on

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Magical Healing Mantras – Namaste – Meditation Audio CD … Magical Healing Mantras by Namaste 1 CD Get other Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Magical Healing Mantras – Namaste – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Magical Healing Mantras Mantras carry in their sound the magical ability to protect liberate vitalize open the heart relax emotions and mind and support the healing of body and …

Magical Healing Mantras – Sacred Source “Twenty-five musicians unite from around the world and blend their voices, guitars, flutes, sitars, tablas and a tarang to create a memorable East-West musical fusion that is both exotic and familiar. Includes the Gayatri Mantra. Magical Healing Mantras

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Australian Meditation Audio CD – Ascot Books Magical Healing Mantras by Namaste 1 CD Get other Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Magical Healing Mantras – Namaste – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Magical Healing Mantras Mantras carry in their sound the magical ability to protect liberate vitalize open the heart relax emotions and mind and support the healing of body and soul. For thousands of years it has been known in the …

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CD: Magical Healing Mantras – Phoenix Distribution CD: Magical Healing Mantras. Twenty-five musicians unite from around the world and blend their voices, guitars, flutes, sitars, tablas and a tarang to create a memorable East-West musical fusion that is both exotic and familiar.

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