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Talk Now! French Eurotalk Interactive – Computer software course Other French Computer Software CD-Rom click hereCD-ROMTalk Now FrenchIf youre new to a language there are some basics you will have to learn whether youre eight years old or 80 on business abroad or a tourist on holiday. Talk Now! French offers a simple-to-use method for you to start learning the language whoever you are. * Talk Now French * Start wherever you like! There are nine topics to choose from * The fun way to learn parts of the body: by building a monster! * Hear essential phrases and see how they are written before playing a game. * Its over to you. Hear the word then record your own voice and compare the two. * What did they say? Pick the corresponding picture in the hard first words game.Will it work for me?Lots of people have difficulty learning languages. Why? Most have been put off at school dont have time to learn or think they are too lazy to do it.Talk Now! French answers these problems: * It lifts the language off the page. There are no dull exercises; just encouraging games that award you points for progress. * It fits easily into short ten-minute sessions. But if you want to push yourself you can learn the basics in a weekend. * if you think youre lazy think again! Youll be amazed how motivated you can be when you enjoy the experience of learning!What will I learn?To speak and understand enough to get by. Youre just starting so we wont drop you in at the deep end. There are some things youll want to say in any language: youll want to say ;hello order a drink ask for directions and so on.This beginners program gets straight to the point. It covers food colours shopping parts of the body numbers telling the time countries greetings and essential phrases. How does it work?Talk Now! Frenc further data

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