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Lancia Stratos by Graham RobsonThis book describes the birth development and rallying career of the Lancia Stratos Europe s very first purpose-built rally car in the mid/late 1970s providing a compact and authoritative history of where when and how it became so important to the sport. Written by a world renowned motoring historian and heavily illustrated this is a key work on this subject.Lancia Stratos by Graham Robson lots more

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Lancia Car Reviews | CarsGuide Lancia Stratos to return 2 Sep 2010 by Paul Gover The wedgy styling of the Italian original has been reinvented by Pininfarina and German car collector Michael Stoschek already has the first car – and plans for a limited run of 25 copies.

New Stratos 02. Lancia Stratos. The legendary Lancia Stratos HF was without a doubt the most spectacular and successful rallye car of the 70s. With its thrilling lines and uncompromising design for rallye use, the Stratos not only single-handedly rewrote the history of rallyeing, it won a permanent place in the hearts of its countless fans with its …

Classified section – Lancia Stratos Lancia Stratos This website aims to bring together Lancia Stratos enthusiasts, from all generations and all nationalities, and every individual will play a big part in our future success story. Contact

Lancia Stratos – Official Site Lancia Stratos’ story. Many stories have been written about the creation of the Stratos and of its’ many victories. There are no doubts regarding the victories, but sometimes inaccuracies regarding its genesis.

Lancia Stratos – Wikipedia The Lancia Stratos HF (Tipo 829), widely and more simply known as Lancia Stratos, is a sports car and rally car made by Italian car manufacturer Lancia. The HF stands for High Fidelity . It was a very successful rally car, winning the World Rally Championship in 1974, 1975 and 1976.

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Lancia Stratos HF Group 4 – Ferrari V6 Engine Sound Lancia presented the Lancia Stratos HF prototype at the 1971 Turin Motor Show, a year after the announcement of the Stratos Zero concept car. This car was powered by a mid-mounted Dino Ferrari V6 …

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