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Kingdom of the Sun by Pathway to Perception 1CD Meditation Audio CD Get other Guided Meditation AudioBooks click here Kingdom of the Sun – Pathway to Perception – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD): About Kingdom of the Sun Kingdom of the Sun is a guided meditation that will take you on an amazing journey to a healing planet. The journey begins as you tune in to the rejuvenating energy of the orange light. Its radiant glow will replenish your spirit as you allow healing to take place within. You will experience love comfort and guidance from a loving angel who will accompany you on your wondrous journey. Kingdom of the Sun is the second in a series of guided meditation CD s designed to elevate your soul to a higher level of understanding. Inner secrets and personal mysteries will be revealed liberating you from the boundaries you have set in your life. About Pathway to Perception Pathway to Perception was formed in early 2002 by Anton Dolencic (Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Healer) and Eddie Katz (Musician). The two of us have combined our talents to blend spoken word guided meditations with beautifully crafted musical soundtracks and sonic textures that transport the listener to a place where healing and personal growth can take place. Each release in our growing range of guided meditation CDs is a unique journey of self discovery. To begin each meditation the listener is guided through a basic relaxation and breathing technique followed by an amazing journey to wondrous locations. There you will experience love comfort and guidance elevating your soul to a higher level of understanding. On your journey down the pathway to perception inner secrets and personal mysteries will be revealed liberating you from the boundaries you have set in your life. A musical period of ap more here…..

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KINGDOM OF THE SUN Meditation CD – Pathway to Perception … Divine Moon Design KINGDOM OF THE SUN Meditation CD – Pathway to Perception – This is a NEW information & Guided Meditation CD (Sealed in plastic). A Guided Meditaion for Healing and Enlightenment. Are you seeking clarity in the face of confusion? Do you seek to heal emotional pain or sorrow? Do you desire to lovingly set your spirit free?

CD: Pathway to Perception – Phoenix Distribution Kingdom of the Sun is a guided meditation using relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques that will take you on an amazing journey to a healing planet of delicate beauty and profound peace.

Pathway to Perception – Brief Biography – Pathway to Perception was formed in early 2002 by Anton Dolencic (Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Healer) and Eddie Katz (Musician).

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Kingdom of the Sun – Pathway to Perception – AudioBook CD … Kingdom of the Sun by Pathway to Perception 1CD Meditation Audio CD Get other Guided Meditation AudioBooks click here Kingdom of the Sun – Pathway to Perception – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD): About Kingdom of the Sun Kingdom of the Sun is a guided meditation that will take you on an amazing journey to a healing planet.

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