Journey to the Temple – Llewellyn – AudioBook CD

Journey to the Temple by Llewellyn Get other Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Journey to the Temple – By Llewellyn – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Journey to the Temple Ideal for therapists including Reiki Meditation and Visualisation Aromatherapy Massage etc… LLEWELLYN: This album is the result of my study and research into the use of sounds and music to create inner balance and healing. We are all individually influenced by sound and certain tones can and do affect our chakras. I wanted to produce an album that not only on a physical level is calming and relaxing…..BUT essentially works on a metaphysical level and alters states of consciousness and awareness. About Llewellyn With over one million albums of their music sold Worldwide Llewellyn Juliana are highly respected new age and relaxation Artists. Reiki Gold is currently the top selling Reiki album in the UK. Llewellyns album FaerieLore was also a finalist in the Best New Age Music album category for the International Independent Music Awards 2007. In 2005 they launched their own record company PARADISE MUSIC which has rapidly grown into one of the most popular new age record companies in the World with offices now based in Florida and Marietta. They have won several awards for Paradise Music including Best New Age album of 2008 for Gypsy woman by Paradise recording artist Lila Mayi. Presented at the International New Age Trade Show in Colorado the album was praised as being one of the most outstanding winners in recent years. Much of their work is related to healing therapies and they have worked closely with therapists to produce the hugely successful MIND BODY SOUL CD Series for New World Music Ltd. Some of Their Mind Body Soul Titles include: Shiatsu Reiki Aromatherapy Crystals Pilates Tan more information…..

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