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Italian for Children Activity Book Kids CDs and Parents CD Other Childrens Language Learning Audio click here Other Discover to Speak Italian Audio click here Italian for Children Activity Book 2 Program Audio CDs Guidebook Brand New third Edition Developed by language-learning expert Catherine Bruzzone the Italian for Children system is a fun and efficient means for your child to discover the Italian code and culture. This introduction gets your son or daughter talking Italian from the rather beginning and keeps him or her involved with a variety of escapades and games that keep language-learning fun. A complete system this package features: A full-color illustrated 80 page guidebook that attributes cartoons characters and fun details Two sound CDs that guide your child through the course and teach code through a mixture of Italian-language songs games and escapades An activity book filled with interactive puzzles and games that reinforce new code abilities Advice for you on helping your kid receive the many from thelanguage-learning experience. Free print and sound downloads. Topics include: Saying hi Saying yes and no Saying where places are Talking about family Around the home Saying what you like to do Describing details At the zoo At a picnic Happy Birthday! About the Author Catherine Bruzzone has over twenty years experience training languages to kids and developing innovative language-learning programs. About the Italian Language Italian is a Romance code spoken by about 63 million individuals basically in Italy. In Switzerland Italian is regarded as 4 official languages. It is moreover the official code of San Marino and Vatican City. Standard Italian adopted by the state after the unification of Italy is based on Tuscan dialect and is somewhat intermediate bet here

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