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Instant Immersion is the worlds most popular language system with more than 20 million units sold. The combination of audio video and software will have you on your way to fluency fast. Learn all the essential skills including vocabulary grammar speaking listening reading and writing using innovative methods and the exclusive technology Immersion Method Spoken Error Tracking System (S.E.T.S.).Runs on Windows XP and Vista The Next Generation of Language InstructionExpand on your previous exposure to a new language and move from basic phrases words and greetings to true fluency. Comprehend a new language in greater depth and add to your vocabulary with Instant Immersions wide range of learning tools and find yourself thinking reading and speaking with ease.Over 300 Hours of InstructionInstant Immersions programs are utilized by government agencies powerful businesses and some of the worlds finest academic institutions. Regardless if you work for a Fortune 500 corporation small business for yourself learn french talk french speak french write french translate french french translation french dictionary french words french phrases french language tutor french lessons teach french french conversation french vocabulary improve success with increased foreign language comprehension. Gain a competitive edge for your career or augment your current skill set with the Instant Immersion system.Includes: 1 Language Program DVD-ROM 1 Interactive Video DVD 1 Who is Oscar Lake? CD-ROM 5 Audio Instruction CDsInteractive DVD (Region 1 DVD – requires multi-region player) Learn a new language the EuroTalk way using broadcast quality video and the latest interactive techniques. Ideal for travelers families business people and students. Works with your DVD player and TV All phrases dialogues much more info

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