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Indigo Crystal and Rainbow Children – Doreen Virtue by Doreen Virtue A Guide to the New Generations of High Sensitive Young People for other Doreen Virtue Audio Books click here for other Childrens Meditation or Relaxation Audio CD click here Indigo Crystal and Rainbow Children – by Doreen Virtue Audio Book on CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 2CD s Brand New – 2 CDs Live Lecture Indigo Crystal and Rainbow Children Doreen is the author of several books on these seasoned sages of the 21st Century including The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children and The Crystal Children. She has just released a guide to this new generation of highly sensitive young people on a 2-CD set called Indigo Crystal and Rainbow Children (Hay House May 2005). Meet the Rainbow Children! They are the embodiment of our divinity and the example of our potential. The Rainbow Children have never lived on this planet before and theyre going straight to the Crystal Children as their moms and dads. These children are entirely fearless of everybody. Theyre little avatars who are all about service. These are children who are only here to give-Rainbow Children are already at their spiritual peak. Then theres the Crystal Children. The first thing that most people notice about them is their eyes-large penetrating and wise beyond their years. The Crystal Childrens eyes lock on and hypnotize you while you realize your soul is being laid bare for these children to see. Perhaps youve noticed this special new quot;breed quot; of children rapidly populating our planet. They are happy delightful and forgiving. This generation of new lightworkers roughly ages 0 through 7 are like no previous generation. Ideal in many ways Crystal Children are the pointers for where humanity is headed . . . and its a good direction! related info

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Children of the Stars – Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children … Unlike Indigo Children, most Crystal Children have not been incarnated on earth before; and certainly the Rainbow Children have never lived on earth before. They have evolved from other planets/system where they have resolved all their karma and personal learning lessons. Thus their focus is purely on service and humanity.

CD: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children – Phoenix … CD: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children. A Guide to the New Generations of Highly Sensitive Young People Since the 1970s, parents and schoolteachers have noticed that children are becoming increasingly more sensitive, aware, and psychic.

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children Audiobook | Doreen … Written by Doreen Virtue, narrated by Doreen Virtue. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

Circle Books – Page 132 Indigo Crystal and Rainbow Children – Doreen Virtue by Doreen Virtue A Guide to the New Generations of High Sensitive Young People for other Doreen Virtue Audio Books click here for other Childrens Meditation or Relaxation Audio CD click here Indigo Crystal and Rainbow Children – by Doreen Virtue Audio…

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children – Doreen Virtue … Indigo Crystal and Rainbow Children – Doreen Virtue by Doreen Virtue A Guide to the New Generations of High Sensitive Young People for other Doreen Virtue Audio Books click here for other Childrens Meditation or Relaxation Audio CD click here Indigo Crystal and Rainbow Children – by Doreen Virtue Audio Book on CD Brand New (still shrink …

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children by Doreen Virtue … Since the 1970s, parents and schoolteachers have noticed that children are becoming increasingly more sensitive, aware, and psychic. The first generation of the new children are Indigos, followed in the 1990s by the Crystal Children. Now, the new Rainbow Children are starting to emerge. On this audio download, Doreen discusses the characteristics of the Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows; gives …

Search results for ‘doreen virtue’ – Hay House publishes self help, inspirational and transformational books and products. Louise L Hay, author of bestsellers Heal Your Body and You Can Heal Your Life, founded Hay House in 1984.

INDIGO, CRYSTAL, & RAINBOW CHILDREN – The first generation of the new children are Indigos, followed in the 1990s by the Crystal Children. Now, the new Rainbow Children are starting to emerge. On this two-CD set, Doreen discusses the characteristics of the Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows; giv

Indigo children and parenting styles – | In her article, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, Doreen Virtue refines the term Indigo children into three different kinds of new children , Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow, each having a different age bracket. These three terms are based on the colour of the aura of each generation.