Honda XL500, XR500, XL600 and XR600 1979 – 1990Clymer Owners Service and Repair Manual

repair manual
Softcover – 410 pages – Honda XL500 XR500 XL600 XR600 1979 – 1990 Clymer Owners Service Repair Manual covers the following models: Honda XL500S 1979-1981 Honda XL500R 1982 Honda XR500 1979-1980 Honda XR500R 1981-1984 Honda XL600R 1983-1987 Honda XR600R 1985-1990Contents: Quick Reference Data General InformationManual Organization / Notes Cautions And Warnings / Service Hints / Torque Specifications / Safety First / Special Tips / Expendable Supplies / Parts Replacement / Serial Numbers / Hand Tools / Tun-Up And Troubleshooting Tools / Mecahnic #39;s Tips / Off Road Rules / Safety TroubleshootingOperating Requirements / Emergency Troubleshooting / Engine Starting / Engine Performance / Engine Noises / Excessive Vibration / Front Suspension And Steering / Brake Problems Lubrication Maintenance And Tune-UpRoutine Checks / Pre-Checks / Service Intervals / Tyres And Wheels / Battery / Periodic Lubrication / Periodic Maintenance / Tune-Up 1979 – 1982 500cc EnginesEngine Principles / Engine Cooling / Servicing Engine In Frame / Engine Removal/Installation / Cylinder Head Cover / Cylinder Head / Reed Valve Assembly (XR500R) / Valves And Valve Components / Camshaft / Camshaft Chain And Dampers / Cylinder / Piston Piston Pin And Piston Rings / Ignition Advance Mechanism / Oil Pump And Oil Filter Screen / Kickstarter / Crankcase / Crankshaft And Connecting Rod / Balancer System / Break-In Procedure / Specifications RFVC EnginesEngine Principles / Engine Cooling / Servicing Engine In Frame / Engine Removal/Installation / Cylinder Head Cover And Camshaft / Camshaft Chain Tensioner / Cylinder Head / Valves And Valve Components / Cylinder / Piston Piston Pin And Piston Rings / Primary Drive Gear / Oil Lines / Camshaft Chain / Crankcase And Crankshaft / Balancer System / Kickstarter / Break-In Procedure / Specifications Clutch And TransmissionClutch / Clutch Cable / External Shift Mechanism / Transmissions / 5-Speed Transmission / Internal Shift Mechanism / Specifications Fuel And Exhaust SystemsCarburetor / Carburetor Adjustments / Throttle Cable / Choke Cable Replacement (Models So Equipped) / Fuel Tank / Fuel Filter / Gasoline/Alcohol Blend Test / Crankcase Breather System / Evaporative Emission Control System / Air Filter Case / Exhaust System / Specifications Electrical SystemCharging System (XL Series Models) / Alternator Rotor / Alternator Stator / Voltage Regula link here

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