Holden Colorado/Rodeo 2007-2012 factory workshop and repair manual download

Holden Colorado / Rodeo 2007-2012 Factory Service Workshop Manualon PDF can be viewed using free PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro . File size 168 Mb Searchable PDF document with 6020 pages.. This manual is specifically for the Isuzu DMAX but applies to the Holden Rodeo/Colorado which is a rebadged Isuzu DMAX Engines 4JA1/4JH1 MODELS 2.5L Turbo Diesel4JK1/4JJ1 MODELS 2.5L Turbo DieselC24SE MODEL 2.4L PetrolHFV6 MODEL 3.6L PetrolContents Electrical Wiring DiagramsAutomatic Transmission Unit RepairAir ConditioningAutomatic TransaxleBodyBody ElectricalBrakeChargingClutchCollision Body Repair ManualCoolingEFIEmission ControlEngine MechanicalEnginesExhaustFront Axle and SuspensionIgnitionLubricationMaintenanceManual TransmissionPropeller ShaftRear Axle and SuspensionService SpecificationsSST and SSMStandard Bolt Torque SpecsStartingSteeringTransferAbout the Holden Colorado The Holden Rodeo is a utility vehicle (pickup truck) that was sold in Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) by Holden a General Motors (GM) subsidiary. Introduced in 1980 the Rodeo was built by Isuzu over three our generations but in 2008 was renamed quot;Holden Colorado quot;.Prior to the launch of the Holden Rodeo General Motors-Holden s had imported the first generation Japanese market Isuzu Faster into Australasia under the names quot;Chevrolet LUV quot; (1972 #8211;1977) and quot;Isuzu LUV quot; (1977 #8211;1980). At the Australasian release of the second generation Faster in December 1980 General Motors-Holden s when again introduced a new name #8212;Holden Rodeo #8212;assigning it the model code KB and thus becoming the first generation Holden Rodeo.Isuzu in Japan released the redesigned Faster in May 1988 issued and adopted by Holden in August 1988 as the second generation TF series Rode related info

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