Heart Chakra Meditation – Karunesh – AudioBook CD

Heart Chakra Meditation by Karunesh Unabridged 1CD Audio Book Set Get other Karunesh Audio Books click here Heart Chakra Meditation – by Karunesh – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 hour 1 CD): About Heart Chakra Meditation This music runs the course of a special program designed to clean the heart chakras. Four phases serve as a lengthy prelude to the closing tracks that venture deeply into the sounds of The Inner Temple and Tibetan Sound Bowls with the closing track stretching out to over fifteen minutes in length. As a leader in the fields of healing and New Age music Karunesh easily shifts his focus to the more specific area of meditation including special exercises which are included in the accompanying booklet. Each phase of approximately seven minutes ends with a gentle sounding bell. By the time you reach the closing track a state of deep relaxation and receptivity should have been found. After that anything is possible. About Karunesh Karunesh is a German-born New Age and ambient musician. His music has strong Asian and Indian influences prevalent throughout with liberal use of Indian instruments such as the sitar. Having sold 450 000 albums Karunesh is one of the best-known New Age artists.Karunesh was born in Cologne Germany in 1956. Although he had been drawn to music as a child and played in bands as a teenager he chose to study graphic design as a career. However after attaining his degree Karunesh was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. His brush with death prompted him to choose music as a career instead of graphic design. He rethought his life and embarked on a spiritual journey of sorts traveling in 1979 to India where he met Osho in his ashram in Pune. He became initiated and took on a new spiritual name Karunesh a Sanskrit name meaning compassion. B further data

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