Healing the Inner Child – Anando – AudioBook CD

Healing the Inner Child by Anando 1CD Meditation Audio CD Get other Guided Meditation AudioBooks click here Healing the Inner Child – Anando – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD): About Healing the Inner Child Healing the Inner Child is a guided meditation to unite you to the place in your subconscious where the child you once were still lives where the beliefs and hurt that child picked up still linger affecting your life even today. This album gives you the opportunity to start changing those beliefs so you can start trusting yourself more.About Anando Australian born Anando is one of the women on the ASHA Foundation UK list of 240 ;influential inspiring women from all walks of life and from around the world who are outstanding in their fields. She is the founder of the international personal discovery organization LifeTrainings.com which is devoted to helping people realise their hidden potential and resources. Its courses show people how to bring more awareness into their lives and how to start enjoying life to its fullest. Anando started her professional career as an actress at the age of 12 and later she studied modern dance at the Martha Grahams London School of Contemporary Dance. With a complete change in career she studied law in Australia and was admitted to practice as an attorney in both Australia and the USA. Healing the Inner Child – Anando – Audio Book CD here

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