Guided Meditations for Pregnancy and Birth – Michelle Roberton-Jones – AudioBook CD

Guided Meditations for Pregnancy and Birth by Michelle Roberton-Jones 1 CD meditation audio CD Get other Meditation Audio CDs click here Guided Meditations for Pregnancy and Birth – By Michelle Roberton-Jones – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Guided Meditations for Pregnancy and Birth Let this beautiful collection of meditations and soothing music lead you and your baby on a journey of discovery love and an unbreakable bond. 1. The Breath – focussing on the breath is an ancient teaching of meditation. To encourage relaxation and assist being in tune with your body during pregnancy and child birth.2. Dedicated Time for Two3. Babys Song – within the womb baby will explore ways of communicating with you.4. Release – to assist in releasing the pain and remaining in control.5. A Perfect Night – short meditation and extended comforting music to relax into a perfect nights sleep. About Michelle Roberton-Jones Through this gift of empowerment and the discovery of quot;oneself quot; you may realise your full potential to live a life of love; joy and contentment. Michelle Roberton – Jones is an Angel quot;Master quot; and mother of four based in the UK. In December 2000 while severely ill in hospital Michelle received an Angel visitation. A beautiful sparkling energy that offered to carry her to health to strength and most of all to remind her of who she really was. The light that shone in her hospital room that bleak winters day has become her lifes mission. Michelle has dedicated herself to empower others to see the light and beauty that they truly are and shine. As well as writing for children Michelle runs an establishment that holds self development workshops and courses for all ages encouraging all to find the courage and strength to loo much more info

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