Everyday Balinese – Learn to Speak Balinese

Everyday Balinese Learn to Speak Balinese Other Learn to Speak Indonesian Audio and Books click here Everyday Balinese – Paperback Paperback – 192pp Everyday Balinese is targeted at anyone–foreign or local–who wishes to learn to speak colloquial Balinese. There are 23 lessons in the book each one presenting a variety of topics and situations centering on the daily life of the Balinese. The front of the book contains a pronunciation guide while the end has a section on greetings ordinal numbers and a handy dictionary with Balinese words arranged alphabetically followed by their Indonesian and English equivalents. About the Balinese Language A member of the Malayo-Polynesian branch of Austronesian Balinese is spoken by 3 to 4 million people in the island of Bali and some smaller adjacent islands. It has three socio-linguistic registers: I. basa ketah (K): everyday Balinese for family and friendly use; 2. basa madia (M): basically ketah with an injection of more formal words for use in situations where low ketah would be unacceptable: 3. basa singgih (S): corresponds to Javanese krama; a somewhat artificial construct containing many Sanskrit and Javanese words. Many Balinese ketah words have no singgih equivalents and have to be promoted to singgih status when the latter is being used. Originally Javanese. A standard balinese romanization based on Dutch spelling was provided by H.J. Schwartz in Batavia in the early twentieth century. Everyday Balinese – Paperback related info

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