Ericofon Deep Red Phone Cobra Eames Ericophone

One Deep Red Ericofon Rotary Dial Phone. Refurbished and In excellent condition. This is a Northern Telecom version similar to those sold by Telecom Australia /PMG in the 1960s and 1970s however this model was sold in the USA. It can make outgoing calls and receives calls and it does ring with an Ericotone buzzer. Has a standard R12 modern plug . These are very rare and this colour even rarer in Australia. Telecom/PMG sold a Red Ericofon but not a deep red colour like this example. A fantastic special gift. Get other different coloured Ericofons – click here The History of the Ericofon The Ericofon is a Swedish telephone handset created by Ericsson. It was designed in the late 1940s by a design team including Gosta Thames Ralph Lysell and Hugo Blomberg. A specific feature of the telephone is that the two major components–the handset and the dial–are combined in a single unit. This one-piece design anticipated the evolution of the typical cordless phone and cell phone by several decades. The Ericofon is considered a landmark in plastic industrial design. The serial production began in 1954. The earlier models were only sold to institutions but in 1956 production for the open market begun in Europe and Australia. In Sweden it is known as the cobra telephone due to its similarity with the serpent.Bell Telephone Laboratories would initially not allow the introduction of the Ericofon to USA but it soon became a best selling model. When it was introduced on the USA market it was available in 18 different colors but after subsequent transfer of the production to North Electric the number of colors was reduced to eight.Most of the Ericofons made had mechanical rotary dials typical of all phones made in that era. While Ericofons produced by Ericsson used miniature buzzers as their ringers North Electric introduced the electronic quot;Ericotone quot; ringer in its Ericofons. The Ericotone ringer used a simple 1-transistor oscillator circuit to produce a quot;chirping quot; sound to serve as the phone s ringer. This was one of the earliest applications of a transistor in a telephone as telephones with mechanical bell ringers and rotary dials did not need transistors. North Electric also introduced a touch-tone version of the Ericofon in the United States in 1967 but this variant was not produced in the numbers that the rotary dial version was. The touch-tone versio here

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