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Enrich Your Relationships by Simonette Vaja 1CD Meditation Audio CD Other Simonette Vaja Audio CDs click here Get other Guided Meditation AudioBooks click here Enrich Your Relationships – Simonette Vaja – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD): About Enrich Your Relationships Do you want to enhance your love relationship or your connection to others? Would you like to experience deeper intimacy with your partner? Would you like to cultivate a better relationship with yourself? In this visualisation you will be guided to sit on a beautiful river and to watch as the images of your masculine and feminine side appear to you. This visualisation is deeply healing and invites you to accept the differences within yourself and others deepening your connection. You will come to own your shadow side be aware of the projections you may place on lovers friends and family members and become consciously responsible for the way in which you relate to others. When you listen to the visualisation you will experience images and feelings about your inner masculine and feminine side finding deeper harmony within – this will filter into all your relationships with others enriching and healing them. About Simonette Vaja Since 1991 I have owned and directed my own psychology practice and combined practices throughout the lower North Shore: Northbridge North Sydney Neutral Bay Mosman and currently Avalon and CBD practices. I developed authored and directed a successful community based self awareness program called Wild at heart creativity and self expression groups. In 2000 I contracted my own Facilitator for Life training component of the course to Nature Care College and was contracted for a 5 year term teaching to allied health professionals and students of the college. In brief the psychological ap information

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Enrich Your Relationships – Simonette Vaja – AudioBook CD … click here to find out more Enrich Your Relationships by Simonette Vaja 1CD Meditation Audio CD Other Simonette Vaja Audio CDs click here Get other Guided Meditation AudioBooks click here Enrich Your Relationships – Simonette Vaja – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD): About Enrich Your Relationships Do you want to enhance your love relationship or your connection to others?

ENRICH YOUR RELATIONSHIPS Meditation CD – Simonette Vaja … Divine Moon Design ENRICH YOUR RELATIONSHIPS Meditation CD – Simonette Vaja – This is a NEW information & Guided Meditation CD (Sealed in plastic). Guided Meditation for Connectivity and Intimacy. Do you want to enhance your love relationship or your connection to others? Would you like to experience deeper intimacy with your partner? Would you like to cultivate a better relationship

Enrich Your Relationships – Simonette Vaja – AudioBook CD … Enrich Your Relationships – Simonette Vaja – AudioBook CD … When you listen to the visualisation you will experience images and feelings about your inner masculine and feminine side finding deeper harmony within – this will filter into all your relationships with others enriching and healing them.

Enrich Your Relationships – Simonette Vaja – AudioBook CD … Simonette Vaja: Cards, CDs, DVDs: Buy Online Enrich Your Relationships (CD) Simonette Vaja ISBN:CD616 Do you want to enhance your love relationship or your connection to others? Would you like to experience … CD: Enrich Your Relationships – Guided Meditation … Buy Online: Enrich Your Relationships – Guided Meditation CD (ISBN:767715061626) by Simonette Vaja – Spiritual and Self Help …

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